Juku Unplugged – my experience

February 21, 2012

Today I attended Juku’s “unplugged” (www.juku.it) event in Bologna, organized by my friends Enrico Signoretti (@esignoretti) and Fabio Rapposelli (@fabiorapposelli).

Juku’s slogan is “think global, act local” and let me say that imho this is the perfect statement to concisely describe the “unplugged” event. Enrico and Fabio are well known experts in the IT enterprise market, with a strong focus on storage, cloud computing, and virtualization.

What they managed to setup is an informal and very interesting series of meeting with lots of great presentations about “hot themes”: ranging from cloud paradigms to chargeback processes, from storage for virtualized environments to stretched lans, Fabio and Enrico managed to share great information while keeping their feet on the ground (a much needed approach in a market that too often tries to address all but real world scenarios), and explaining even complex stuff with a language and examples much aligned with our day-to-day headaches.

Their knowledge though comes from an explicit passion for IT, and goes far beyond their daily duties: rather it comes from technical deep dives in new technologies coming from major vendors, mixed and blended with real world scenarios and feedback they’re getting from REAL users.

That’s it: thnk global, act local. Kudos to Juku for this effective approach. I really enjoyed the event.


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