Another day of puppet goodness

January 24, 2012

I’ve been writing a module that takes care of managing IBM Websphere MQ servers and clients (I know , I know… 😉 ). It is quite amazing how much it pays back to write a puppet module: you get a lot of insight about how a package should be installed and configured.

The simple fact of describing how to install, configure, run, update a software forces you to document each process, to make it repeatable (that’s THE requirement). This is just to say that there is WAY MORE than pure automation (which alone is a LOT). Describing an environment through recipes and modules, tracking changes through the puppet dashboard, versioning your changes, etc. it’s not just cool devops stuff. It’s a smarter way of doing things. No downsides, period.

Just a couple of notes about the actual modules: it’s kind of funny that IBM did a good job at packaging (rpms) its software, but at the same time force you to go through an interactive (#fail) shell script that makes you accept the license agreement. The upside is that I didn’t have to take care of executing that script in my modules: I eventually found it writes out a dummy file in /tmp/blablabla: puppet file resource to the rescue. Done.

Another upside of puppetizing the whole thing (e.g. managing queues, listeners, channels, and the like) is that besides getting rid of the java (cough cough) gui, it allows me to forget the insane naming convention that Big Blue decided to use for the dozens of binaries you get with the MQ install. Let puppet take care of that (well, at least after I’ve done my homework).

Wanna talk automation? I don’t think there’s a better way to do it.


3 Responses to “Another day of puppet goodness”

  1. itefficiency Says:

    Hey did you ever get a module working for managing MQ? I know someone looking for one and was starting to write one as well.


  2. dnwe Says:

    $ ./ -accept -text_only

  3. Narayana Ishwar Says:

    hi, would you mind sharing the code
    started trying to write puppet script for mq and stick
    couldn’t find where to start

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