Where information lives… ;-)

January 30, 2010

While walking out of the office yesterday evening, I stumbled upon this one, and couldn’t resist to take a picture:

where information lives

I think this deserves a post, and some “comments”… like, for example:

– Hey boss, when I told you to get rid of all the paper and put all documents in a EMC box.. I didn’t mean it LITERALLY 😉

– Boss!, ok… I know storage ain’t cheap… but hey! 😉

– How the heck I’m gonna find an hba to tie this one to my SAN? 😉

– Man, these EMC guys are dead serious about storage tiering! FC, SATA, EFD, and now this! 😉

– What if I sit down on this? how do you call it? compression or dedupe? 😉




2 Responses to “Where information lives… ;-)”

  1. furicle Says:

    Well at least they didn’t install it ** directly **
    on the floor…

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