Slaves to contingency

November 21, 2009

This week I attended many meetings, which started as ‘planning/strategy meetings’, but sadly ended in being in something like ‘let’s just fix that’, ‘let’s extinguish that fire’, ‘let’s just do that and then we’ll see’.
Apparently, there’s a growing adoption of the lifestyle that I decided to call ‘slave to contingency’. Whether it’s due to high pressure (see previous posts), lack of enthusiasm (see previous posts), or lack of common sense/practical wisdom (see previous posts), it seems that as things go on, more and more people lose their ability to focus and innovate, and sadly accept the fact that as long as you stick to the rules, and don’t let fires burn everything to dust… You’re good to go.

Again, this leads you into surviving vs living, into watching your life passing by vs grasping it. I’ve always been able and willing of estinguishing fires as needed, but still, I need to be sure that there’s a wyser, longer plan that will bring to further innovation, quality, success.

So, bring on the contingency, the issues and the catastrophes… I’m going to face ’em, and still… Seeing the ‘big picture’. šŸ™‚


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