Virtualize Everything (or I’ll bite)

September 27, 2009

Just a quick one, to let you know that I seriously jumped in the “virtualize everything” bandwagon. Yeah, I know, this is a EMC initiative, but apart from borrowing the expression from them, my commitment is to fight against EVERYONE that doesn’t support virtualization, and more specifically that turn 180 from that kind of tech. I’m totally pissed off of companies literally building up tons of excuses or commercial mazes just to  lock you in the physical world forever, or at least (yeah, ORCL, I’m talking to you) taking the time to figure out how to get some more $$ from your wallet. I am the one that should choose where my apps are going (p or v), and any unjustified lock in the pworld, simply won’t be accepted anymore. I’ll bite.


2 Responses to “Virtualize Everything (or I’ll bite)”

  1. Marco Says:

    You’re a man on a mission 🙂

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