know thyself (part 2)

May 18, 2009

In the last post I wrote about how much I rely on FOSS to try to keep up with things, and to keep my mind clear about where my infrastructure is and where it is going. FOSS happens to be the ultimate “anti-buzzword” medicine: The downside (but I don’t see it as a downside… 😉 ) is that you have to keep up… You’re not allowed to take a vacation from FOSS, imho. So, while browsing in or (or the others), I’m grateful that I can safely hear and filter, and more important, understand! the overwhelming amount of buzzwords/acronyms that technology implies.

Apart from understanding them, the good thing is to dominate them, and be aware of what is useful for you (and what’s not). This reminds me of something that one of my colleagues, the almighty Faizer, told me a few days ago: “saying that you’re ‘using’ Cloud Computing is just like saying that you’re ‘using’ XML: totally true, and totally useless” . I mean, while I like the concepts that build the Cloud Computing “culture”, I’m afraid of the whole marketing/publicity going on on this. While I’m not scared by those concepts (since I try to understand what they mean… and at least that’s a good starting point), my worries are tied to how much they can hurt at the higher levels of my business. Cloud is cool, Cloud is easy, Cloud is cheap… they say. Few people tell you that Cloud can be a pain in the ass to manage (at least for intra-Clouds), but more important the cloud has lots of chances of not being what you need. Again: know thyself, before choosing something that can hurt you really bad.


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