the pros and cons of oracle+sun

April 20, 2009

So it happened… The omnivor giant Oracle bought the glorious Sun. What does it mean? Well… Who knows? I’ll post here some of my impressions on the thing… But only time will tell:
Hardware: stop, finish, finito. While I always had respect for the sparc platform, this merge will only accelerate the anachronistic position of this legendary stuff. Like it or not, if it was hard for sun to maintain its flagship hw product in a x86 world, what should prevent Larry the sailor to plan a massive dismission of the high-end (way too high, really) platform?
Storage: you kidding right? Sun storage has been dead for decades… Don’t even mention it.
Java, Mysql, Solaris: they’ll stay where they are, thanx to the OSS community. I expect some minor deviation from the actual roadmaps… The community drives the evolution…
Other java-based stuff: say goodbye… In a oracle+bea universe there is no room left for el-cheapo/OSS oriented solutions. Let’s hope on OSS forks (glassfish and openesb come to mind…).

Good or bad? Mmm too tough to say… Imho oracle is evil… Even more evil than M$. I totally respect/love their rdbms, but totally disagree with the remaining stuff (especially the ridicoulus attempts at the hypervisor and os scenarios: OVM, OEL). Still, Sun made tons of errors imho: not keeping up to the evolving intel arena in the early 2K, and being unable to deliver in supporting core OSS-oriented projects: staroffice vs openoffice, or the bad environment that has been surrounding mysql lately, just to mention a few

We’ll see…


2 Responses to “the pros and cons of oracle+sun”

  1. Marco Says:

    It will be great if the OSS part (Netbeans, GlassFish, OpenESB) will be split as a separate company or sold to another one…Google maybe? :))))
    W’ll see…

    • drakpzone Says:

      maybe… but not google… or at least let’s not hope so! Google is good for the cloud, and even there they’re starting to fail… (what a shame, btw).

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