the ‘certified’ dumbass

April 19, 2009

I’ve been watching a few tedtalks lately, and one of them reminded me of a great lesson. Simply put, the fact is that rules spare you from thinking, and that’s a bad thing. Not that rules are bad per se, and god knows we need them. But there’s a balance everyone has to found between rules and rules exceptions, governed by common sense, to say the least.
Here comes the certified dumbass. I decided to define with this nomenclature the guys that make a living by defining rules. Rules should provide boundaries to environments, and boundaries are by definition at the edge. The lack of wisdom, or common sense, brings us to rely on rules, and request for many of them: more rules, less thinking, less responsibility.
The certified dumbass serves exactly these purpose: to feed you with rules and make you think that rules are the only way to go. In business, this means that your tied in a mesh of rules that prevents you to show your creativity, your ambility to improvise, and more important it inhibits the culture of wisdom and common sense. So, recognize the certified dumbass and prove your environment (business or whatever) that too many rules kill the environment, rather than regulate it. The certified dumbass makes a hell of fun creating rules and new rules that contradict the existing, further extending the confusion in the environment and pushing the need for… Guess what? New rules, that clean and organize the former.
This could go on forever, but let me say at the very least that I won’t fall in the rules trick, and keep trying to be innovative,wyse,and clever. You won’t dumbass me.


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