The Constant mindshift

February 16, 2009

Sometimes, it’s important to sit for a second and think about how things are evolving… and more important, if they’re evolving at all.

IMHO, if there’s one good thing about the whole “2.0” thing, is that it tries to push some kind of mindshift about what you’re thinking and working on. I am more and more convinced that, particularly in IT, there is no arrival or firm standpoint. The sooner you get this concept, the more productive and effective your work will be. Call it fast evolution or whatever, but the real thing is that as soon as you “sit” on something you consider “certain” from an IT perspective, you’re already becoming old… and even worse, ineffective.

Most of the time, we believe that evolution and change is tied to some explicit need in what we’re designing, developing or implementing. While this is probably true, the real evolution resides elsewhere. The real change is needed most of the time in the thing that we take for granted, like for example the way our companies and organisation work.  Rather than trying to ever adapting the IT artifacts to the way your business is run, maybe it’s time to evolve the way your business is ran in order to take full advantage of how IT is evolving.

Easy? It’s not. Mostly because it requires some kind of mindshift, and even worse, a “constant mind shift”. This is a thing to which most of the people are not prepared for, since we all tend to try and find lots of “safe spots” on which we can seat or stand still. While I can understand the need for some stability, I believe that we should try to keep these safe spots to a minimum, and capture the benefits of evolution, particularly in a ever-evolving world such as the IT world.

It makes sense that nobody can always live on the bleeding edge (or the “fast lane”), but at the same time it would be a great shame if nobody ever tries to live on that. That is what evolution is made of: bright minds and brave people who try to overcome known problems and obstacles by trying to redefine how the way we live and do things.

As an example, the bright minds behind  are imho very much into the 2.0 thing, and I mean the real 2.0 thing… not the marketing hype that eats on that. It’s a clever idea, and resembles the everlasting “trial and error” approach that makes great things happen in the IT world, and the real world nonetheless. Maybe that won’t bring peace to the world, but at the very least it’s a proposal, and a clever one also.

Hats off to those guys, and to those who always try to raise from the safe spots, and bring some innovation, even if it requires living on the fast lane for a long period. Probably, this “long period” could be shortened if we all try to help the team work as a team… I like, for example, the way that pro bikers help their team when going up a steep hill… there’s always someone that helps keep the right speed, and then one another in turn, in order to keep everyone reach the common objective (arriving first, in this case).

These are my 2 cents on the argument… I hope to be the first to remember those things while doing my stuff 🙂


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