SAN upgrade & stuff

January 31, 2007

Been away for a while… My main focus was helping planning the Disaster Recovery project for my server farm. Apart from planning, this is taking (as expected) a huge amount of time in terms of “sanitizing” the existing infrastructure.

When it comes to DR there are tons of things you should care about, but there’s imho one rule above all that leaves intact the hope for success: simplicity. So, much of my time is spent right now trying to clean and simplify most of the architecture. Most of it (servers, of course) is going to be moved to a Vmware farm.

This simplifies things a lot, and not only for DR. But virtualization is not all shining gold… there are major drawbacks, and I am learning by direct contact that is definitely not a child’s play.

Meanwhile, I took the necessary time to upgrade my primary storage backend, a EMC2 Clariion CX-300 to a brand new Clariion CX3-40. Took a bit of time to plan the migration procedure, but all in all I can surely tell it was a great success… no incidents, nothing particularly dangerous, and great benefits in terms of performances gained from the upgrade.


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