Ready to jump…

January 31, 2007

… on the other side of the river.

After too much time wasted living on my desktop with MS windows xp on it, during the end of 2K6 I finally decided that: a) it was time for a hw upgrade. b) time for a reassessment in terms of OS.

I’ve never been too much Win-oriented… linux has always been way more near to my taste. And for some time I lived in the macos area (during the 7,8 rel times). As a first approach I was blindly choosing the way of switching back to linux, which I’ve been using for ages now… and use all the day on my servers. No more windows… since all in all it’s really crap. Way better than the past.. but still not sexy… and crap.  Then, while choosing for the uber-notebook of the moment, I stumbled on Apple’s Macbook PRO 17″ . Lost some sleep on that, and I finally decided to give apple another chance (and my recent trip to Washington DC surely moved me into this direction… tons of folks are having fun with those sexy apples). So, probably within this week my macbook pro 17 is coming in… and I’ll surely have a hell of a party deciding what to put on it. Probably, it would end up having osx tiger (then leopard) as the primary os, with a couple (at least) vmware fusion images of xp (just for running windows-based crap I can’t get rid of) and the usual centos/redhat box to play with.  Vista… well… I’m not interested. not sexy enough 🙂


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