major upgrade… or major pain?

August 17, 2006

I just decided (early this morning) to give my radware appliances a firmware roll/update. I had a few incidents with the running firmware… and I decided to go to the non-ga releases, since after reading the extensive release notes and maintenance release notes, it turned out that the new versions carried a LOT of bugfixes, and huge performance improvements (even if I didn’t ever notice a slowdown). After a few hours of careful upgrading the machines (a couple of wsd (AS1) and a couple of ct100) are now online with the latest firmware… or nearly.

I discovered in fact that the latest firmware changed name… the new products are named AppDirector (for wsd) and AppXcel (for the ct100). Radware also suggests to upgrade to those new releases… but despite my bleeding-edge orientation, I decided not to go that way… for a couple of reasons:

– I don’t see major improvements, for the moment.

– Configuration will surely be different and since I put up a really complex scenario… it’s not time to mess it up so lightly.

– My experience tells me that radware’s stable releases are stable after a few months of GA… and maybe more… and since the 2 new firmwares have been on the shelves for a couple of weeks… well… I won’t test these for them…

Anyway… I’ll keep an eye on the new App* stuff… We’ll see if cool things show up in the future.


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