hell of a morning

July 31, 2006

php logoI had a hell of a morning today trying to compile apache 1.3.37 and php 4.4.2 with a lot of extensions. I think I did this at least 50 times now… but everytime something weird arisis… Today was sablotron’s turn.

Sablotron is an xslt processing library, used in php for (among others) xslt transformations. “the mighy df”, one of my mates, is responsible for this mess, since he runs a cms that produces xml and he himself produces the xsl sheets for this site. Anyway, the mess appeared as soon as I decided to install the sablotron library as a rpm instead of the old-fashioned way (which I prefer, generally) of compiling it. After hours of digging, it turned out that the precompiled version was compiled against the readline library… and it caused php’s configure script to fail blatantly.

Here the choices:
– recompile sablotron w/o readline support
– modify the *FLAGS previous to the configure && make && make install stuff
– include readline support for php also, which solves everything since the *FLAGS are modified as well.

I chose the third solution.. just in case the readline extension comes to hand in a near or far future 😉

Ironically, I got into this problem at first thinking of a problem with the zip (izzip) extension, since the configure failed there. As always, the truth was revealed only by carefully digging in the config.log file produced by the configure script.

Enough mess for today.


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